Environment & Ecology services

Department of ecology and audit of MP “GeoInTEK” performs a wide array of services:

Division of engineering and environmental studies:

- Engineering and environmental, engineering and hydro-meteorological, geodetic engineering and geological surveys;

- Surveying and mapping for construction and reconstruction of oil and gas pipelines, roads, bridges and overpasses;

- Landscape and environmental studies;

- Hydro-chemical investigations to determine the background concentration of water pollution;

- Development of thematic maps by order;

- Design, maintenance and reproduction in both graphical and digital forms of special thematic maps, charts and atlases;

- Mapping of sanitary protection zones of water intakes.

When carrying out work related to engineering and environmental studies, integrated assessment of the background condition of natural environment, environmental engineering, environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and auditing, MP "GeoInTEK" seeks to gain a reputation of a reliable partner.

Division of environmental documentation development:

Project and expert services:

Proposal development for standards of maximum permissible emissions (MPE) of pollutants into environment and standards of waste for industrial companies, service organizations, etc. (WGL);

Performing calculations of emissions and calculations of pollutant dispersion in the atmosphere from existing and planned enterprises, making summary calculations;

Passport issue for dangerous emissions;

Definition of class of hazardous waste to environment;

Development of projects: “Environmental impact assessment”, “Environmental care” for various types of commercial operations;

Development of plans for prevention and elimination of oil and oil products spills;

Development of programs improving environmental situation within license area;

Calculation of integrated environmental damage;

Drawing up programs to protect the environment;

Development of water protection zones projects and coastal shelterbelts of rivers, lakes and wetlands within the license area;

Assessment of changes in land condition under influence of anthropogenic impact;

Compilation of project documentation and estimations to justify allocation of protected areas;

Development of land reclamation projects, which include measures to restore their fertility carried out after technical phase of reclamation;

Examination of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities (at stage of project documentation design for exploration and production oil and gas wells);

Environmental impact assessment of the planned commercial and other activities;

Examination of project documentation.

Division of environmental information system analysis:

Environmental monitoring:

- Development of local environmental monitoring projects;

- Maintenance of local environmental monitoring;

- Soil survey of land areas;

- Geobotanical surveys;

- Radiological and toxicological examination;

- Sampling and laboratory testing of soil, water, sediments, and snow.

Land management:

- Land surveying;

- Land inventory;

- Cadastral work.

Business development activities: dealership of manufacturers of ecological character products and introduction of scientific and technical developments.


Ecological supervising 

The main goal of ecological supervising is an independent control over environmental revitalization activities. 

Supervising of environmental revitalization consists of two parts:

1) Preliminary investigation of land site, including photographing of site, mapping, sampling for analysis, planning of necessary technological operations;

2) Control of environmental revitalization works is done in parallel directions - technological and chemical-analytical.

Control is conducted by specialists (supervisors) on the matter of complience to project and technological documentation and legal requirements of Russian Federation of activities performance, consequence, quality and results.

Being present at object of environmetal revitalization works, supervisor of MP GeoInTEK controls all technological operations:

- Deadlines, volume, quality and conditions of environmental revitalization works;

- Applied methods and actual implementation of those;

- Applied materials, equipment and chemical reagents;

- Results of qulitative chemical analysis;

- Relevant data of other indicators, impacting quality of works.

As a results of daily control of sequence of implemented activities, supervisor daily reports to customer about the current situation on site, current performance at every stage, detected violations in safety. Due to independence of supervising, efficiency and quality of work increases, and timing of environmental revitalization works shortens.

Chemical-analytical control includes quantitative analysis of soil samples, waste samples, secondary waste and by-products samples, taken at the end of environmental revitalization works. Chemical and analytical control of samples is done in accredited laboratories and aimed to indicate information, required by project documentation.

Deliveries of supervising for a customer are:

- Cost optiimization for environmental recovery;

- Improvement of quality of environmental recovery;

- Development of database of production and technological information for economic analysis of enterpise activities in adopted document flow system;

Control of all technological steps and works, conducted on site;

Control of project solutions implementation;

Control of implementation of all environmental activities and safety requirements;

Control of movement of material and technical resources;

Control of volume and quality of service, conducted by service companies.

Upon completion of environmental recovery activities the customer receives a report on all of technological operations, amount of implemented work, results of chemical-analytical control, detected violations in production, recommendations on elimitation, and proposals on efficiency improvement of environmental recovery.

Ecological projects development and expert studies


Preliminary project investigation and inventory of polluted land.

Main goal of preliminary project investigation of polluted lands is obtaining data, necessary for conducting the whole complex of activities for recovery of polluted lands based on typical and individual projects of revitalization of polluted lands, including:

- Determination of precise borders and indicators of condition of pollited lands including depth of penetration of pollution into soil;

- Improve accuracy of ecological zoning maps of contaminated areas, including  depth of penetration of pollutants;

- Measurement of land site parameters defining technology, technological modes of rehabilitation, types of materials used, types of equipment used;

- Drawing punch list and working plan for the remediation;

- Identification of land sites and their parts, which can self-repair ecological community;

Preliminary project investigation is commited in three steps:

First, - preparatory, that includes collection and analysis of source material, available reports on survey of damaged lands, analysis of GIS data of inventory;

Second, - On-field stage, that includes a visual inspection of areas, taking photographs, preparation of acts of nature examination, conducting surveying shooting (Surveying), soil sampling, including deep sampling, to determine the extent and depth of contamination on land sites. Soil samples are analyzed for a variety of contaminants, including petroleum products, in accredited laboratories.

Third stage - Cameral, that includes processing of information received, drawing punch list and working plan for remediation of contaminated sites, reporting and mapping, and inventory of contaminated land surveyed.

During these activities, automated geological information systems are used, as well as related databases.

Environmental projects development and expert studies help to understand the scales of pollution and also - to prepare and evaluate the budget for land recovery.

Our company helps to solve any issues, important for you, related with ecology preservation in oil production and oil refining industries.

Division of environmental audit:

Environmental audit and legal consulting;

Comprehensive ecological audit of commercial companies and territories;

Environmental audit at licensing of operations;

Environmental audit of conditions of studies, use, management, protection and restoration of natural resources;

Environmental audit of preliminary project and project documentation;

Environmental audit of conditions of use of subsurface, forest and water resources;

Analysis of environmental safety of used materials;

Ecological consulting of nature preservation activities of commercial enterprises;

Consulting on issues: regulation of emissions, discharges, waste disposal, etc., development of regulatory documents (MPE, WGL, MPD, environmental passport, etc.);

Compliance of developed documentation at environmental authorities;

Environmental certification compliance.

MP "GeoInTEK" works in Tyumen region, Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous districts and other regions of Russia.

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