Supervising of well construction, completion, testing and workover

Supervisor – specialist of technical and technological supervisory control at well construction, completion, testing and workover.


Main goal of supervising is providing services of control over all oilfield activities, reporting, coordination of contractors involved in operations, processing true and accurate technical and economic information, controlling costs during well construction and workover, based on customer`s information, and making corrections by fact.

Supervisor controls quality of drilling operations, workover, completion and well studies, follows project framework and solves conflict situations. Contractor`s performance is reflected in daily and interim supervisor`s report. Independency of supervising services ensures effectiveness and quality, reduction of well construction terms, significant economy of cash for a customer.

Supervisor`s activities are conducted only for the benefit of customer and aimed to provide efficiency of financial and tangible resources of a customer during well construction. Standard set of services on technical and technological supervision is done by GeoInTEK specialists at all stages of well construction, completion, testing, workover, re-entry, suspension and abandonment.

Supervisor is equipped with computer, copying, printing machine, means of communication (voice and electronic messaging) that allow rapid information processing and transfer to customer`s head office.

Reporting format and frequency is adopted to customer`s needs.


Supervisor controls:

  • Operations schedule performance according to programs of a customer;
  • Careful use of rental equipment and property;
  •  Planning of operations` sequence and all of tangible resources for implementation;
  •  Being in contact with employees of contractors and customers, working on field;
  •  Technologies used and works conducted on field;
  •  Investigation of breakdowns and accidents;
  •  Auditing equipment availability and condition, contractor`s personnel qualification;
  • Compliance to all normative documentation and acts;
  •  Compliance to project documentation;
  • Operations conducted;
  •  Coordination of technological and operational services on field;
  • Management of complicated technological operations;
  • Meeting the deadlines;
  •  Monitoring and analysis of non-productive time;
  •  Daily reporting on wells;
  • Environmental care and safety.


Significant number of troubles, arising during well construction (shortcomings and minor deviations from requirements of rules) are resolved by supervisors immediately, in cooperation with customer`s management.


Effects of supervising for a customer:

  •               Costs optimization at well construction;
  •               Quality improvement of wells;
  •               Accumulation of production and technological information in a database, that provides economic analysis of company operations in used document flow system;
  •               Control of all technological stages and works, conducted on drilling site, including post-operational descriptions and recording of parameters;
  •               Control of implementation of all project resolutions, geology-technical order, technological mode card, and other regulation and normative documents, variance analysis;
  •               Control of implementation of measures of environmental care and safety requirements;
  •               Control of balance of calendar terms of well construction, including:

                            - Daily reporting;

                            - Well construction schedule;

                            - Technical and economic indicators;

  • Tangible resources relocation;
  • Control of quantity and quality of services, conducted by service contractors.


Information is transferred by telecommunications to customer`s office, with frequency of every second or every day.

On completion of well construction we provide “Report on well construction” in paper and electronic format, as agreed with customer that includes:

  •               Text part, containing information about progress of well construction, identified violations and deviations from the project;
  •               Results of pipe-based formation testing etc.;
  •               Tabular information of drilling technical and economic performance (TEP);
  •               Explanatory note to TEP;
  •               Balance of well construction timing;
  •               Tabular information on bits performance in comparative analysis to other drilled wells;
  •               Consumption of chemical reagents and materials for preparation and treating drilling mud;
  •               Chart of well construction compared to project plans;
  •               Quality assessment of the well comleted;
  •               Recommendations on technical and economic performance improvement, raising quality of well construction and decreasing accidental statistics during construction.

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