Trial production

Our company expands its scope in oil and gas services, offering setup and maintenance of equipment for the collection, recording and loading of petroleum products in tank trucks, in the framework of agreements on trial operation of exploration wells and wells that are not equipped with a system for collection and recording of output.

Initially, our experts select equipment with technical characteristics that apply for operating conditions of wells, physical and chemical properties of produced fluid, and conform to required performance and rules of industrial and environmental safety. They develop a setup plan for equipment that will be installed at petroleum products loading point. Develop and obtain approvals of the customer and regulatory authorities for a whole package of necessary technical documentation (regulations, instructions and frameworks).

Next comes practical part of planned activities, i.e. mobilization, installation and pressure testing of equipment at site.

Finally, commissioning takes place, after mounting and launching the process unit.


Currently, we perform this kind of work for a well-known customer:

The process units includes two gas separators GS-1-6,3-800-2 working in parallel and providing separation of liquid and gas phases of well output; device for vertical load of crude oil and petroleum products in tank trucks ASN-100A equipped with service platform and pump KMN-80-65-175 that has capacity of 1,200 m3/day.

Tank farm with capacity of 400 m3, mounted on site, allows accumulation of reservoir fluid.

This unit, servicing 5 wells, in normal mode conducted transportation of 650 m3 per day.

We use modern equipment that meets all the norms of Russian legislation and conforms to high requirements of our customers; duplicate sets of equipment ensure uninterrupted operation.

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