Hydrodynamic studies

LLC MP “GeoInTEK” performs a comprehensive complex of oilfield hydrodynamic studies of gushing oil, gas, gas condensate wells, as well as non-gushing oil wells and hydro-geological objects, interpreting the processed data and formatting reports on geological and physical parameters of pay zones, production capabilities and optimal operations of wells.


Our company provides following hydrodynamic studies:

  •           Oilfield gas-condensate and hydrodynamic surveys of production wells;
  •           Studies of hydro-geological objects;
  •           Studies of gushing oil wells;
  •           Studies performed at testing of exploration wells;
  •           Engineering and methodical support of completion and testing processes of exploration drilling;
  •           Downhole and wellhead sampling, getting well ready for sampling;
  •           Rapid sample analysis in a field laboratory (shrinkage factor, density, content of chlorine ions);
  •           Measurement of flow of fluids and gases of oil and gas production wells and gas output ratio.


Oilfield hydrodynamic studies of one flowing production well include consecutive testing in 3-5 direct modes and 1-2 reverse modes for receiving the following data:

  •           Productivity of oil (condensate) flow and separated gas;
  •           Temperature and pressure parameters along the wellbore;
  •           Bottom-hole pressure;
  •           Pressure recovery curve;
  •           Total and component outputs of formation fluids;
  •           Output of saturated and stable condensate;
  •           Shrinkage ratio;
  •           Density of liquid hydrocarbons.


Our specialists process and interpret data to format reports with recommendations on the following:

  •           Well operation modes for main parameters of reservoir: coefficient of water permeability and piezo-conductivity, filtration resistance, reservoir pressure and temperature, amount of gas saturation (gas saturation in conditions of oil slug), skin factor, etc.;
  •           Well completion and testing;
  •           Improvement of production and stimulation of reservoir output.


LLC MP “GeoInTEK” conducts interference tests on stock of production wells. This helps to define the following:

  •           Piezo-conductivity of formation in cross-hole direction;
  •           Spatial anisotropy of formation.


The works include a start-up of operation of the perturbing well to the set parameters, with the measurement of its performance, recording bottomhole pressure and curve of bottomhole pressure recovery over time (HPC). At the reacting well beginning of the changes in bottomhole pressure background values and response curve are recorded.

This method is special for the volumetric, spatial character of study that allows not only to assess filtration and capacitive reservoir properties (FCP), but also the nature and extent of the hydrodynamic relationships between the wells, areas and zones of the deposit, as well as the thickness of the working layer.

This information is used to design a geological model of the formation and to select the most optimal conditions for production.


LLC MP “GeoInTEK” conducts gas output ratio assessment.  It helps subsoil users:

  •           Make more accurate records about outputs separately on gas and liquid component of formation fluid in accordance with applicable laws and license agreement;
  •           Select the most efficient mode of operation of downhole equipment;
  •           Address key issues for planning further development of the field.


The primary task facing our company is to satisfy the customer`s requirements to obtain the maximum amount of information and hydrodynamic characteristics of the objects.

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