Reserves estimation and assessment of resources

MP "GeoInTEK" undertakes following activities:

1. Collection, organization and processing of geological and geophysical data, databases for exploration and development objects;

2. Survey of estuarine and estuarine areas of wells, evaluation of degree of environment pollution, making recommendations on further use of wells;

3. Compiling profiles of exploration activities;

4. Creation of geological models, reserves estimation of hydrocarbon deposits and evaluation of prospective resources;

5. Development of projects for construction of exploration wells;

6. Drafting projects for reactivation, conservation, elimination and recovery of wells;

7. Drafting: exploration drilling, exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, trial production on exploration wells;

8. The drafting of mining leases for mineral development;

9. Geological support (monitoring) of exploration and trial production for exploration and production companies;

10.  Making assessment of market value of facilities of E&P companies;

11. Implementation of works related to cartographic and geodetic activities, development of thematic and multi-profile maps, surveying plans for mining leases;

12. Reactivation, conservation, elimination and recovery of oil and gas wells, completion of oil and gas production wells, conducting hydrodynamic studies.

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