Completions and studies with jet pumps

GeoInTEK`s extensive practical experience, gained in studies and testing wells after drilling, both exploration and production, demonstrated imperfection of the most common methods of stimulation, like swabbing and compressing.

Stimulation by these methods allows testing of beds with high permeability, but requires time, and as a result, entails financial costs.

Another disadvantage is complexity of flow stimulation of low-permeability incrustated beds and high output beds with low formation pressure.

During compression, the tested bed at the initial stage of level reduction undergoes repression effect of an excess pressure, which leads to the absorption of the working fluid, thereby reducing wellbore permeability. In this case, it is impossible to adjust the depression in course of stimulation by means of compressor; moreover, it is not always possible to ensure the availability of compressor of a required performance.

Swabbing does not provide an instantaneous controlled drawdown, is quite labor-intensive (trips of swab), and does not allow to achieve a stable production at testing low-output facility, recording output rate and bottomhole pressure, and is not admissible in some formation saturation conditions.


The most effective method for testing and completion, at present, is the use of jet pumps of various modifications, which has a number of advantages:

  •                  Bed stimulation by numerous, instant and controlled depressions and repressions. Tripping in hole three electronic thermo-manometers (installed on jet pump and container for transmitters) provides continuous monitoring of development and testing process;
  •                  A complete set of well testing in a single tripping, together with acid treatment;
  •                  Acid treatment of wellbore zone and removal of reaction products;
  •                  Closing hole at bottom to reduce time of flow testing and improve accuracy of reservoir filtration and capacitive properties (FCP) by minimizing the influence of the well bore;
  •                  Stimulation and testing by a controlled depression of any scale;
  •                  Cleaning wellbore zone from products of drilling and cementing ;
  •                  Jet pump design allows combining operations of depression and conduct standard measurement at the bottom;
  •                  Determining nature of reservoir fluid saturation, assessment of filtration and capacitive properties to obtain hydrodynamic parameters for tested units before and after intervals hydrochloric acid treatment.


Based on analysis of its experience, GeoInTEK since 2012 has actively been introducing this technology. It was successfully applied in a number of oil fields in Western and Eastern Siberia, Irkutsk region.

Information content of resulting material is several times higher than at well testing using compressing and swabbing of low-permeability beds and beds of high output with low formation pressure.

To conclude, it can be said that jet pump is currently the only way to create instantaneous, continuous depression and stimulate the flow.

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