Repair and isolation works.

One of factors, significantly complicating process of oil and gas wells operations, is quality of long-term well casing and separation of productive layers. Breaking of production casing is a consequence of insufficient control of casing and threaded joints integrity, violation of tripping and cementing technologies, hydro-mechanical impacts on cement stone and metal columns in the well.

We conduct restoration of production casing integrity, troubleshooting casing leakage by following set of repair operations:

  •             Fix leaks in the cement sheath;
  •             Build-up of the cement sheath;
  •             Eliminating leaks of the column;
  •             Plantar and contour isolation.



Hydraulic fracturing

Comprehensive operations of hydraulic fracturing include preparatory works, hydraulic fracturing itself, wash-out of proppant, stimulation of flow and completion.

Hydraulic fracturing operations require involving specialized organization, highly skilled professionals, imported machinery and quality materials.

Impacting wellbore zone is made to increase permeability. This work is carried out by the methods:

  •             Hydrochloric acid treatment;
  •             Mud acid treatment.


Isolation of productive horizons and return to the over- and underlying horizons

This works are conducted at exhaustion and water-cut oil-or gas formations, in conditions of damaged casing impossible to fix due to technical reasons, or in conditions of well impossible to clean from contamination, by the following methods:

  •             Installation of cement plug to isolate underlying formation and following perforation of the upper one;
  •             Installation of packer to the bottom hole, to isolate underlying formations and preliminary perforation of the upper.


Emergency response at the well in the course of operation and repair

We solve following accident problems:

  •             Stuck pipe, rods and other underground equipment;
  •             Pipes and rods dropped in wells, wire line breaks;
  •             Well contamination cleanup ;
  •             Repair and replace damaged parts of column and wellhead. 


Well completion

Well completion is a complex of activities for stimulation of formation fluid flow into the well until optimal level at operational mode is achieved. Completion of oil and gas (gas condensate) wells in each case requires tripping of special assembly into the well and normally is performed in several stages:

  •             Reduction of bottom hole pressure by replacement of well killing fluid by a less dense;
  •             Reduction of density of fluid in the well, including method of aeration of fluid;
  •             Shifting to steady mode of flow into the well.

Completion, made mechanically, implies tripping of ESP equipped with a system of telemetry and control station with a variable frequency drive, the launch of ESP within appropriate program of parameters control.


Well testing

Works on test objects are held in complex, which includes preparatory work, the actual testing following customer`s program of and final works.

Preparatory work include:

  •             Determination of necessity and restoring of wellbore;
  •             Study of technical condition of column;
  •             Perforation;
  •             Stumulation.

Conducting final works, depending on the purpose, insulation is made or equipment applied for well operation.


Repair of casing

We perform it by the following methods:

  •             Running tubing with packer that cuts-off interval with damaged  column;
  •             Installation of casing liner.


Well conservation

  •             Installation of cement plugs;
  •             Installation oа packers.


Well abandonment

  •             Installation of close-down plugs.

Coiled tubing services with use of M-20 equipment

  •             Wellbore maintenance of oil and gas productive wells without killing;
  •             Well killing;
  •             Well completion
  •             Wellbore zone treatment with different reagents, acid treatment;
  •             Warming, wash-out of paraffin or asphaltene-resin plugs inside tubing;
  •             Tubing wash-out of proppant after unsuccessful fracturing;
  •             Running of plug.


Mobile nitrogen station SDA-20/251 services

  •             Lowering of fluid level in well;
  •             Stimulation of flow, completion;
  •             Wellbore maintenance with nitrogen fluids with use of coiled tubing equipment;
  •             Pressure test of Christmas trees, manifolds and pipes;
  •             Running of templates through the pipelines;
  •             Pressure test of wellhead equipment, production tubing, and blowout preventing equipment.

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